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Império Estate is a model of the use of technology with quality. The modern agricultural techniques adopted by the farm generate average yields in excess of 60 bags/hectare and the flat terrain allows harvesting to be 90% mechanized, resulting in efficiency and harvesting consistency, factors directly associated to the final coffee quality.

Império Estate is located in the Alto São Francisco region, next to the Formoso River spring, which grants it abundant and excellent quality water. The area’s natural conditions such as high altitudes and great variation between day and night temperatures also enable the production of outstanding coffees.

The farm currently produces 25,000 bags of coffee of the Yellow Catuaí, Red Catuaí, Yellow Bourbon, Acaiá Cerrado and Yellow Catucaí varieties. The drip irrigation system adopted throughout the property allows for uniformity of coffee ripening that leads to better results in the cup.

The estate has a complete structure for the wet milling, drying and dry processing of coffees. The majority of the crop is processed by the natural system, but pulped natural and “floater” methods are also employed.

Coffees produced at Império Estate present exceptional quality: they are high-bodied and sweet, with floral aromas and fruity notes. They are rated above 80 points in the SCAA scale; in Brazil they are considered a “mole” beverage, with complex attributes.
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